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Sharit Ha-Platah (Volume I - Revised) : An extensive list of survivors of Nazi tyranny published so that the lost may be found and the dead brought back to life
PersonKlausner, Abraham
Corporate nameCentral Committee of Liberated Jews in Bavaria
PublishedMünchen : Central Committee of Liberated Jews in Bavaria, 1946
LanguageEnglish ; Hebrew
Shelf mark6 Nach 50
KeywordsKlausner, Abraham J. / Rabbiner / Überlebender / Namensverzeichnis / She'erit Hapleita (Rest der Geretteten) / Zentralkomitee der befreiten Juden in der amerikanischen Zone / Jüdische Displaced Persons
 The document is publicly available on the WWW.
Download Sharit Ha-Platah Volume I - Revised [96.30 mb]
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